Race: Demon
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Hunting
Hunting Lodge
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
-20% City Attack
Can see Invisible Animals
Better Reults from Tribal Villages
Can Carry 1 Hawk
+50% vs Animals
Info: 4/3 Strength +1 Unholy
2 Move
Cost: 60 Production
Upgrages From: Scout
Upgrades To: Ranger

There are parts of hell that are unclaimed.These unformed wastes are known as the Shallows and lamenting souls seek them out to hide from the unending torments of hell.Demons,with a few hell hounds in tow hunt them,gathering them and presenting them to the lords of hell for various pleasures.The hounds keen nose allows them to detect the fear or sorrow of a soul days after it has past.The only way to avoid them is to remain calm and without emotion.A difficult task in hell,especially when the hounds baleful howls can be heard coming for you.

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