Hall of Mirrors
Hall of mirrors
Requires: Balseraphs
Info: +1 Happy
Creates a copy of the strongest enemy unit within +1 tile at the beginning of each turn.:*Copy will last 3 turns and start with Illusion
Cost: 180 Production
Type: Building



There are two easy ways to defeat a city with the Hall of Mirrors: first, since it can only create a copy of your units if you start the turn adjacent to a city with the Hall of Mirrors, you should aim to keep your units at least 2 squares away from said city. When you do attack, attack with units with at least 2 move to be able to move in and take the city on a single turn. Fireballs can serve to lower city defenses and bombard if needed. The second method is to use an army of similar strength units and avoid using stacks with a single overpowered unit: for example, don't attack with Eurabates the Gold Dragon in a stack since it'll get cloned, meaning you have to defeat it to take the city. However, if your stack mainly consists with similarly-leveled Champions, a single cloned Champion won't be exceptionally threatening.

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