Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush threepwood
Race: Human
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Lanun
Iron Working
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Info: 7 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 360 Production
Special: Has mediocre singing voice!

Out of work since Lucasarts isn't making any more Monkey Island games (please please make another Lucasarts!), Guybrush has accepted work in our mod. According to his resume he is "Pirate Extraordinaire", captain of numerous vessels and master of the art of insult sword fighting.

Guybrush was quickly adopted into the Lanun ranks where he found Falamar to be a kindred spirit. He described Hannah as a cross between LeChuck and Lemonhead of Skull Island. We aren't really sure what he was talking about.

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