Guardian of Nature
File:Guardian of nature.jpg
Civic: Economy
Requires: Hidden Paths
Fellowship of Leaves state religion
Effects: +5 Health in all cities
+2 Happy from Grove
+1 Happy from Ancient Forest, Forest, Jungle
Upkeep: High

This nation sees it's self as a Guardian of Nature. Forests flourish with in it's borders, and the people are pleased by nature's presence.


It has many sinergies with elves, obviously, that can improve the terrian without chopping down forests(by this it also meant ancient forests and new forests).

While the high upkeep might be a problem, the cities health and happiness can be nullfied, assuming that the terrian have some forests to generate the benefits, if someone has this civic but no forests, it is advisable to have a priest of leaves cast boom(a spell that create a new forest on the tile, which will, some time(a small chance to 'upgrade' each turn) become a ancient forest, that will give more health and a food).

A calculation, let us assume that the Ljosalfar or the Svartalfar, that are elven civilizations, and such can build improvements without choping, build a city which everything on its radious(also known as 'cross fat'), can only 'be worked' by this city, so there are no interference from other cities, think know that they adopted 'Fellowship of Leaves ' as the state religion, and so they will have a priest of leaves 'plant' new forests on every tile on the city radious (excluding the center), meaning there are twenty tiles that have forests or new forest on it, think now that they had druids or archmage cast 'vitalize' on every tile until they becomed grasslands twenty tiles with two food and one production(Also know as 'Hammers' or 'Shields') excluding the extra yeld of improvements, over the time, the twenty forest will become 'ancient forests', giving them extra food and health, each tile would with Guardian of Nature give: three units of food, one unit of production. And the city would always have one unit of happiness and half unit of health for each tile, regardless if they are not being worked or not. That means the city will have twelve units of happiness and ten units of health. Even more, a city with every tile yelding three food units, half of their citizens could be specialists, and the player could improve the forests with cottages (That hopefully will become one day many towns), giving a commerce boost while keeping everything.

To sum it up: working all the tiles, you could have a city with thirty one units of citzens could be supported (assuming a health level at least at thirty one and hapiness level at least at twenty twelve working and getting three food each plus the center of city that always generate two, sixty two, assuming that each citzen eats two units, unless you use sacrifice the weak , but since it requires 'Ashen Veil' as state religion, it will not happen), eleven of them could be specialists (Caste system and republic would help getting all out of your specialists), twelve will suport thirteen and produce twenty production units.

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