Grand Menagerie
Grand menagerie
Requires: Festivals
Wolf Pen
Dancing Bear
Tiger Cage
Gorilla Cage
Lion Cage
Info: +8 CultureIcon
+20% CultureIcon
+2 Happy in all cities
Free Carnival in all cities
1 free Bard
Cost: 120 Production
Type: World Wonder

This wonder is very difficult to build in a standard game since animals only spawn up to a certain point. However, there are a few things you could do to get that trophy. The game option Wildlands doubles the amount of animals that spawn. It's dangerous for early settlers but a must if you want to get the Menagerie. You will want to research Animal Husbandry very quickly so that your Recon Units can get the Subdue Animal promotion, then go quickly further up the Recon line to build stronger troops. Meanwhile, build lots of Scouts and level them up with Goblins, if possible, change to Apprenticeship to get those extra 2 xp. A civilization with a strong synergy for the Recon line would be useful here, for example Ljosalfar or even better Svartalfar who get +1 attack strength for Recon units. If you can be an Aggressive leader, even better since you need Combat I for Subdue Animal. You also have to build the Carnival quickly, otherwise excess animals captured by your hunters might stifle your economy, since only Dancing Bears can be built without a carnival. Another possibility to dispose of them is to rush your neighbors.

Apart from being relatively strong, Bears are easy to get because they are currently the only animal that spawns in lairs, therefore they are plentiful. If you have Fellowship of Leaves, you can also get as many Tigers as you want as it is their priests' first level summon spell. Wolves are harder to find, they should spawn in large forests or tundras, sometimes also in plains. If you have the Doviello in your game, you might get Wolves from their world spell, in any case the upside with Wolves is that they are the weakest animal, so they are easy to capture. Lions are relatively frequent in desert areas and medium easy to capture. The Gorilla is the rarest common animal, if you are very lucky you can find them in or close Jungle areas. If you have all animals but one, you can sometimes buy an animal of your choice from a random event ("A hunter is offering to sell his catch..."), if you are still capturing animals when you get the event, you should get the Gorilla as it is hard to find otherwise. Because of this event, the Living World game option is also recommendable when going for the Menagerie.

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