• Smithing the Godslayer pieces
  • Unknown
Special Abilities:
  • Immune to Cold damage
  • Immune to Death damage
  • Immune to Fire damage
  • Immune to Holy damage
  • Immune to Lightning damage
  • Immune to Poison damage
  • Immune to Unholy damage
  • +3 Strength
  • +100% to resist spells
  • +1000% damage vs. Avatar

This is the campaign weapon in Fall from Heaven Age of Ice. Where the player is supposed to get all the pieces of the Godslayer blade to forge it and kill the winter god. Therefore is this a plot item and cannot be aquired during normal gameplay. The sword shall seemingly have a consiousness and can sense and detect its surroundings.


I was born to end an age of destruction. Dragons, angels, leviathans, the mighty armies of the gods clashed as they struggled for advantage. Below, the earth trembled, and a man was locked into a terrifying existence he could not hope to comprehend.

The gods agreed on but one thing-that should they continue their struggle in the same vein or all their work would be lost. The spoils of their war, those sentient beings born of their cooperation at the time of creation, would be destroyed if an agreement was not made.

So they came, one by one, to a distant corner of Erebus, until all 21 were assembled. The agreement was made, spelled out to the letter. I was the manifest symbol of that coventant, and its enforcement. The Godslayer.

The oath each god made in turn bound their fate to me. As they spoke their agreement, their name became etched onto my surface. Then they left, never to set foot personally in creation again, on pain of death. I was left in the care of a human warrior. Centuries past. My purpose was forgotten-the Godslayer was used in battles and wars as any other blade. My pieces were split apart from use and time, but my nature cannot be destroyed.

Mulcarn breaks his vow. Take me to him, for he has forfeit his life, and is sentenced to die upon my blade. Take me to him.


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