Race: Orcish
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Clan of Embers
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
Can see Invisible Animals
Better Reults from Tribal Villages
+50% vs Animals
Info: 2 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 15 Production
Upgrades To: Wolf Rider
Special: Will automatically upgrade to Wolf Rider if combat with a Wolf or Wolf Pack is won
Replaces: Scout

It was originally thought that goblins were merely the runts of the Orc populations, but later it was confirmed that they are indeed a distinct species. What has been obvious from the first notice of these sad creatures is their dismal fate. They are kicked around by anyone above them in the Orc hierarchy, which is to say everyone. They get no respect from Orcs, Ogres, or Lizardmen, and even their Wolf mounts have been known to turn on goblins if they get a bit hungry. Some Goblins accept this fate, and they can be found doing the most menial tasks in the Barbarian villages. Most however channel this abuse into hatred for the outside world, and they are sent out ahead of Orc war bands to cause mayhem where ever they can. Woe to the worker or scout that is ambushed by a group of these goblins.

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