Gilden Silveric
Gilden silveric
Race: Elven
Unit Class: Archery Unit
Requires: Ljosalfar
Starts With: +25% City Defense
+25% Hill Defense
1 First Strike
Info: 5/6 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 120 Production

Elves don't enjoy battle, but Gilden is different. From a young age, he studied the animals of the forest and how they attacked. The elves never trained with anything other than a bow, but Gilden practiced with long knives, attacking, stabbing, recoiling until his movements became as fluid as a tiger's.

He never told anyone about his practicing, often traveling miles away from the village so that no one would see him. It was after one of these trips that he returned to find the city under attack.

Werewolves, dozens of them, attacked the city. Gilden was familiar with their movements; they were like wild wolves, jumping easily from victim to victim, raking claws knocking bows aside, teeth biting through elven flesh. The ones that attacked originally were tall and powerfully built, but Gilden could already see gaunt brown werewolves rising from the elven bodies. The new werewolves were born starving, and they quickly joined the older werewolves in the attack, tearing into elves to satisfy their need.

A human walked through the battle; he had a cudgel at his side, and he wore a thick gold brooch and an embroidered dark blue cloak. He was dressed like a nobleman, although from his build and stride it was obvious that he was also a warrior. The werewolves grew even more ferocious as the man watched; he commanded a few toward hidden elves or to help in places where elves were trying to mount a defense. A new born werewolf, blinded by its own hunger, made the mistake of attacking him. He became a werewolf so fast he seemed to live in both forms at once. His claw hit the young werewolf on the side of his face, removing his left ear, jaw, and most of the newborn werewolf's throat.

Gilden had trained most of his life for this. An elf who enjoyed warfare was now witness to his people's attack, but he was already too late. Maybe if he had arrived an hour before there would have been a chance to kill them before so many new werewolves were born. Maybe if the man wasn't here. Gilden would fight them, but not here; he had a lot more training to do. So he turned his back on the fighting, left the village and his people's screams behind him. They would be avenged, but not today.

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