Race: Golem
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Engineering
Sculptor's Studio
Starts With: Golem
+25% City Defense
Info: 8 Strength
Cost: 180 Production
Special: Production speed +25% faster with Marble
Replaces: Longbowman


Gargoyles are perfect defenders for cities, and your foes will never walk past a cathedral or mausoleum again.


Most Luchuirp, like other practical dwarves, value function over form. Gargoyles, designed to perch upon city walls when not descending upon intruders, are an exception to this. Showing off the intricate detail the crafters are capable of, Gargoyles are expressive, often with demonic appearances, though some are comical as well. These are carved from stone or marble. A Luchuirp city is safer when protected by Gargoyles, and an intriguing place to wander through.

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