Race: Frostling
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Event triggered by empty Snow or Tundra within a civilization's borders
Starts With: Can see Invisible Animals
Better Results from Tribal Villages
Info: 2 Strength +1 Cold
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production

During the Age of Magic, scholars theorized that man and his cousin races were composed of each of the 21 realms of creation. The interplay between fire and ice, hope and wisdom, spirit and body, and other conflicting forces gave them internal conflict but limitless possibilities. When a man chose to serve one god, one element of his person was strengthened by his divine connection.

With Mulcarn’s presence on Erebus, the aspect of Ice was empowered all throughout this once balanced dimension. The weather is the most incontrovertible evidences of this, though perhaps the hopelessness of many peoples stems not from their subjugation, but from the silent, chilling force welling up inside them. Possibly the most sinister manifestation of the supremacy of Ice is the creation of the Frostlings. When a man, dwarf, elf, or orc dies in this age, there is always a chance that the Ice in him will exert itself, steal a part of his will, and arise as a Frostling. Primal, mindless creatures, they lurk in blizzards but will swarm upon human settlements if their numbers get high enough. Frostlings are armed with icicle clubs or just their chilling touch, and will leave a settlement looking like it was hit by an avalanche.

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