Race: N/A
Unit Class: Naval Unit
Requires: Optics
Iron or Mithril
Starts With: Cargospace: 2
Can Bombard City Defenses 10% per turn
Info: 7 Strength
3 Move
Cost: 150 Production
Upgrades From: Dragonship
Upgrades To: Man O' War
Queen of the Line


Build to transport units safely, or bombard coastal cities defensive bonus.

The frigate was a fast and powerful warship that evolved to fill several important roles, but one of its primary roles was to raid enemy shipping. These three masted ships were lighter and faster than the great ship or man-of-war, and usually carried 36 or fewer soldiers. The frigate was powerful enough to overcome most of its prospective opponents and fast enough to escape those it could not outgun. Because of their speed and strength, frigates were often employed as escorts for merchant vessels during times of war. The frigate remained the most useful and dominant naval vessel until the development of the Queen of the Sea.

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