Race: Who Knows?
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Freak Show
Starts With: Can use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Info: 3 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 60 Production
Upgrades To:




Special: Is Never Obsolete


No entry.


The Ballad of Facha and Elise

Love most tragic, love most fair
How else should perfect woman bear
To be with a creature such as I
With tattered skin and slits for eyes
Against her pale skin and golden hair

Across the yellowed field I spied
Her nightly walk from the Wren and Rye
An inn full of mirth and gentle light
She left and went out into night
Like an angel drifting by

As different as a dwarf to man
Was she from whatever kind I am
So how could she ever see
That I loved her completely
Unless I made her understand

So when we met on city lanes
I bound her screaming with my chains
Dragged her away as she screamed no
Into the swap where men don't go
And transformed her through days of pain

When her rebirth was complete
Battered face, broken feet
Hair torn out, arm hung loose
Around her neck a hangmens noose
I squeezed her till she couldn't speak

But still she fought, fled from our nest
Back to town in her tattered dress
Garbled howls and caked in mud
Swollen features sprayed with blood
They saw a monster fit for death

For days she lingered on her own
Between the swamp and her old home
I watched my love, remembered her touch
Those garbled cries I missed so much
Those antagonizing wailing moans

Until she returned my stare
And realized we were a pair
Bound together her and I
That was the truth she can't deny
By love most tragic, love most fair

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