Requires: Granted to certain units at creation
Leads to: Nothing
Special Abilities:
  • +1 Move
  • Can enter all terrain types
  • Movement cost is always 1 per tile
  • No Penalty for attacking from Ocean or across rivers
Type: Promotion

The movement of any unit with the Flying promotion treats every tile as if it were a Grassland without any Feature or Improvement. All terrain benefits and penalties not related to movement cost remain unaffected by this promotion (i.e.: defense bonus, damaging terrain). In addition, direct movement of the unit that is caused by any spell, effect, or transport is unaffected by this promotion.

Flying overrides any other movement modification and is therefore a double-edged sword. For example, the following have no effect (whether positive or negative):

  1. Roads and railroads do not reduce the movement cost of such a unit.
  2. Impassable terrain, rivers and water are ignored.
  3. Movement promotions that "double movement" in specific terrain types (i.e.: forest, mountain, marsh) instead have no effect.

For instance, the following promotions have no impact on movement cost for a unit with the Flying promotion:

  1. Races: Dark Elf, Dwarven, Elven, Lizardman
  2. Heavy
  3. Nomad
  4. Commando
  5. Guerilla II
  6. Woodsman II

Promotions which affect specifically the "Movement Range" of the unit with the Flying promotion still change the "Movement" value allocated to the unit per turn. Similarly, spells that affect "Movement Range" have the same impact on a unit with the Flying promotion. Examples of such promotions and spells include:

  1. Haste
  2. Slow
  3. Mobility I
  4. Mobility II
  5. Navigation I
  6. Navigation II
  7. Buccaneers
  8. Longshoremen
  9. Fair Winds
  10. Burning Blood
  11. Held
  12. Horselord
  13. Light
  14. Warcry

Some promotions have no meaningful effect on a unit with the Flying promotion, such as Water Walking or Boarding, since the Flying promotion already gives the unit all of the abilities such promotions otherwise confer.

Though there are many units with vestigial wings for show, the only permanent units normally accessible to players with the Flying promotion are Griffons which can be acquired upon their defeat by a Recon Unit with Subdue Animal. Otherwise there are three potential options to gain Flying units under limited conditions:

  1. Air Elemental: temporary units summoned by the Air III spell Summon Air Elemental.
  2. Auric Ascended: the "permanent" Hero unit of the Illians' ascended deity which will die as soon as a unit with the Godslayer engages it in combat, regardless of the actual victor.
  3. Ophanim: gain control of the Mercurian civilization and upgrade a level 6+ Angel into this unit (requires the Warhorses technology and the Horse or Nightmare resource).

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