A float value is a numerical entry that contains a decimal point. For example, 5.3 would be a float value. Few fields in Civ 4 utilize a Float value, instead it is typical to find a value referenced as a Percentage, to be divided by 100 and thus bypassing the "no decimal" structure of Intergers, partially. This practice results in the dropping of anything beyond the second decimal though, so many equations do not work out to be completely accurate. This is most notable for percentage shifts under 10%, like the 3% bonus to Science from Mind Mana

Naming conventions dictate that any Float values start with the letter "f" to indicate their data type in the XML. Once the XML had been loaded into the main code, this indicator is dropped.

 For example: <fSpeed>

Typical fields to utilize the information found in a Float variable are "get___" "change___" & "set___"

 For example: .getSpeed(), .changeSpeed(0.5) & .setSpeed(1.75)

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