Race: Human
Unit Class: Archery Unit
Requires: Bowyers
Archery Range
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
+25% City Defense
+25% Hill Defense
1 First Strike
Channeling II
Fire II
Info: 5/4 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Upgrades From: Archer
Upgrades To: Crossbowman
Replaces: Longbowman

Strategy: The Amurite longbowman is as proficient with fire magic as he is with his bow, making for a deadly defender and collateral damage attacker. Even better, it can do both at the same time, hitting nearby opponents with fireballs on its turn and being available to defend its city or stack on opponents' turns.

The Mage lords of the Amurites in the Age of Rebirth often cloistered themselves away in their towers to study, meditate, or experiment, wishing to ignore the outside world entirely--even if there happened to be a besieging army outside the city walls. To help ensure their tranquility, a special city defender was designed. Especially gifted and loyal archers are given focused training in fire magic, allowing them to enchant arrows and generate fireballs to more persuasively ask their attackers to leave the Amurites alone.

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