Info: City population is not affected by food
Type: Traits

The Fallow Civilization Trait is found in the Infernal civilization.

The demons of Hell do not need to eat normal food like the rest of Erebus, and thus food does not cause Infernal cities to grow or shrink in population.

All land tiles within the Infernal Civilization cannot produce food: they only generate hammers and commerce.

All land tiles' food value is set to zero if owned by the Infernal Civilization. If the tile changes ownership to unowned (due to city razing) or to another owner (due to city capture or cultural expansion of another civilization), the food value of the tile is restored to the normal value.


An Infernal player does not require food. Thus, the primary means of generating new population is the generation of Manes, which can be settled in cities of choice to increase population.

To this end, an Infernal civilization should war, and war often. Killing units from civilizations that worship the Ashen Veil and Octopus Overlords will generate Manes, so consider warring with civilizations in two stages: in the first stage, you declare war with a Good or Neutral civilization and only make peace if they convert to one of the Evil religions (thus causing their units to become Manes when killed), and then declare war again to kill the rest of their units to create Manes for your cities.

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