Dwarven Vault
Dwarven vault
Requires: Free in all Khazad cities
Info: Vault status and effects change depending on amount of gold per number of cities
  • Empty: <50 GoldIcon per city
  • +2 Unhappy
  • Low: 50-99 GoldIcon per city
  • +1 Unhappy
  • Normal: 100-149 GoldIcon per city
  • No Effect
  • Stocked: 150-199 GoldIcon per city
  • +1 Happy
  • Abundant: 200-299 GoldIcon per city
  • +10% Production and +2 Happy
  • Full: 300-499 GoldIcon per city
  • +25% Production and +2 Happy
  • Overflowing: >499 GoldIcon per city
  • +40% Production, +3 Happy, and +25% Greatperson
Cost: N/A Production
Type: Building



The Khazad depend on a good Vault. Hoarding gold should be a priority to make sure production and happiness are good.

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