Dwarven Smithy
Dwarven smithy
Requires: Khazad
Info: +1 Unhealthy
Removes Rusted promotion from Units in city
+20% Production
+10% Production from presence of Copper, Iron, or Mithril
Cost: 250 Production
Special: Double production speed if Industrious
Replaces: Forge
Type: Building



Although the base production bonus of the Dwarven Smithy is 5% less than the normal Forge, with the presence of Copper, Iron and Mithril it provides a 50% production bonus--twice the bonus of the Forge's 25%. Combined with Dwarven Vaults (Overflowing) (500+gold/city), which provide a +40% production bonus, you can net all cities with a Dwarven Smithy a whopping +90% production bonus.

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