Dwarven Druid
Dwarven druid
Race: Dwarven
Unit Class: Disciple Units
Requires: Commune with Nature
Khazad or Luchuirp
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
+50% vs Animals
-20% City Attack
Can Move Through Impassable Terrain
Can Carry 1 Hawk
Better Results from Tribal Villages
Medic I
Channeling I
Channeling II
Channelling III
Earth I
Info: 8 Strength +1 Earth Affinity
2 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrades From: Confessor
Priest of Leaves
Special: Can Cast Crush

Unlike a normal druid, dwarven druids have access to the powerful crush spell, and have access to the Earth arcane spells instead of nature. Although the Civilopedia entry suggests that they can have other arcane sphere promotions at level 2 and level 3, they do not have access to the level 1 promotion for those spheres, and having extra nodes of another type do not grant them any free promotions.

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