Race: Human or Lizardman
Unit Class: Disciple Units
Requires: Commune with Nature
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
+50% vs Animals
-20% City Attack
Can Move Through Impassable Terrain
Can Carry 1 Hawk
Better Results from Tribal Villages
Medic I
Subdue Animal
Channeling I
Channeling II
Channelling III
Nature I
Info: 8 Strength +1 Nature Affinity
2 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrades From: Confessor
Priest of Leaves
Special: Can Cast Entangle


Druids are the only units outside of the Disciple line that have the Medic I promotion. They also have a high strength for a spell casting unit and have access to all levels of Nature magic.

One can also obtain High Priest-equivalent units (they can cast the Channeling III Divine spell of the associated religion) by upgrading from Priest units. For example, upgrading a Vicar (Empyrean) to a Druid keeps the Divine promotion, thus enabling the Druid to cast Crown of Brilliance. This also is a way to bypass unit abandonment to keep units capable of casting, say, Unyielding Order or Summon Kraken while religion-jumping.


Infused with the magic of Sucellus, the Reborn, the Druids are the mages of nature and bringers of life. Because the only way to gain true and lasting knowledge of how to manipulate the very fabric of life itself is to devote one's whole existence to intimate contact with nature, Druids are a reclusive and not terribly social folk. The Druids form a loose brotherhood of near-hermits who meet once a year to compete, share knowledge, and bond, before they once again disperse to their various fields and forests. Their powerful organic magic means that many empires employ them not so much for their use in war, but for their use in peace, perfecting the land and making it more fertile. Few established empires are incapable of contacting a few Druids to help them repair the scars of war and industry or bring life and lushness to previously infertile regions. Only neutral players can build Druids.


Lizardman druidClan of Embers

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