Race: Undead
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Octopus Overlords as State Religion
Message from the Deep
Starts With: Can use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Cannot Enter Ocean
Water Walking
Vulnerable to Fire
Info: 3 Strength +1 Unholy
1 Move
Cost: 90 Production
Upgrades To: Stygian Guard

The Octopus Overlords special unit is the game's earliest Undead unit. They are just as strong as Axeman but capable of traveling through coast tiles. As Undead they are also immune to disease, making them a good counter for an opponent fond of Diseased Corpse units.

How curious the light behaves
Reflecting off the dancing waves.
Oh how my very being craves
A view from down below.

Suspended in my watery lair,
I would not need to gasp for air,
For I'm no longer human there
Beneath the icy flow.

It's peaceful there, but I have found
I still can hear the distant sound
Of voices of the souls who drowned
And left loved ones to mourn.

The lonely wails transmit the pain
Of those who just could not remain
So journeyed to the unknown plane
Of dead souls and unborn.

But in this world there still exist
Survivors who will always miss
The passion of their lovers' kiss
That warmed them night and day.

Though here above the vast, cold sea,
My heart is without tragedy,
For I have someone dear to me
Who hasn't passed away.

Never let that be untrue
For I could not bear thoughts of you
Trapped underneath the ocean blue
Deprived of your last breath.

No harm to you would I condone,
For I'd be left here on my own
To face this tragic world alone,
A fate far worse than death.

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