Drifa the White Dragon
Drifa the white dragon
Race: Dragon
Unit Class: Beast Unit

Divine Essence, Stir from Slumber

Starts With: 1 First Strike
Does Not Receive Defensive Bonuses
Can Move Through Impassable Terrain
Magic Immune
Sentry I
Info: 14 Strength + 7 Cold
3 Move
Cost: N/A Production

An axe, a plow, a hammer. Tools are the marker of the pinnacle races, clearly distinguishing them from the animals that shared this world alongside them. From their beginning, the most important of these tools were weapons, utilized for protection and conquest.

As man built, so built the gods. The weapon of the gods is not a sword or spear, however. It is the beast, created monsters sent against each other, or against the armies of their rivals. The most frightening of these beasts were the dragons.

Drifa is Mulcarn’s ultimate weapon, banished with the signing of the compact but now stomping across Erebus again, a blizzard of fangs, wings, and frozen death.

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