Diseased Corpses
Diseased corpse
Race: Undead
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: The Ashen Veil as State Religion
Corruption of Spirit
Starts With: Can use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Info: 4 Strength +2 Death
1 Move
Cost: 90 Production
Upgrades To: Eidolon

This is the special unit of the Ashen Veil. No unit strikes as much fear in a well-defended city as an enemy Diseased Corpse ambling up to the gates. They are the only unit that starts with the Diseased promotion, but in large battles it spreads quickly through Civilizations. Diseased Corpses require no building or resources to be built, only the Ashen Veil in the city they are being built and as a state religion.


  • 6 Strength is pretty strong for a unit like this. Even though Corpses start with Diseased, the Weapon usage covers for this. In the endgame, 10 total strength from Mithril and Death is also pretty good for a 1st tier religious unit.
  • Diseased Corpses can be a blessing or curse.  When they attack they spread the Diseased promotion to any living unit (-30% Strength).  However, the defending stack can then start spreading the diseased promotion to your own living units.
    • A good way to combat this is keep a priest that can cast Cure Disease but be careful it will remove the disease promotion from the Diseased Corpses too.  Splitting the attack group up into a few diffrent tiles might advantageous.
    • Another way to avoid this is to use only summons or undead/demon units in your armies.

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