Disciple of Leaves
Disciple of Leaves
Race: Human
Unit Class: Disciple Units
Requires: Way of the Forests
Temple of Leaves
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
Can Spread Fellowship of Leaves
Can Sacrifice for 20 CultureIcon
Medic I
Religion:Fellowship of Leaves
Info: 3 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 60 Production
Upgrades To: Priest of Leaves
Special: Is Never Obsolete
Free unit given when Way of the Forests is discovered

A druid stands in the middle of the disciples like an oak surrounded by saplings. They are inside a circle of rose petals that have been dipped in water from a spring blessed by a priest of Leaves. So warded they can observe the forest without interaction. In this case, their attention is quickly drawn to an injured old wolf, apparently having been driven from his pack. Having spent several months immersed in the subtleties of nature, their sympathy is drawn towards him. The weakened wolf is soon set upon by a mother cougar training her cubs, and some of the aspirants flinch as it is felled. "Do you still not understand?" chides the druid. "Why do you side with the wolf over the cougar?" Each gives a different answer, trying to justify his instincts. "The wolf was weak--it wasn't fair." "The wolf is a higher animal." "Where two were alive, now only one is." "Trust the wisdom with which the world was created. We are not made to judge nature, but to study it, from the inside. Nature does not favor weakness, and so our task is not to protect the helpless. It does not judge one life more worthy than the next--let all struggle, and if the winner is a plant, a wolf--or an elf or a human, so be it. And nature does not prefer life over death. Every creature gets both given once, and will in return deliver each as much as it is able. Your duty is not to preserve life over death, my blossoms, but to expand the scope of the struggle. Spread the seeds of the green plant, that it may grow, and die, and give its essence to the entire web of life." Their lesson complete, the disciples followed the Druid through the forest, ancient trees parting for the aged man like curtains in the wind.

From chapter 5 of Reflections on the State Cults, by Elder Methyl of the Luonnatar.

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