Requires: Way of the Wicked
Leads to: Nothing
Allows: Gibbon Goetia
Trojan Horse
First to Discover Founds Council of Esus
Cost: 800 BeakerIcon
"The second most dangerous enemy is the one whose power and influence is vastly superior to yours. The most dangerous enemy is the one whose existence you are not aware of."
―Arian Kothrax, High Councillor.


Deception allows the researcher to found the Council of Esus, if they are the first to do so. There is no special technology for the Council of Esus. If you follow the Council of Esus as your State Religion, you may spread your religion for a cost of 25 gold, using any unit that follows this religion (it will not die). You get a free Nightwatch when you obtain this technology. Also, if you follow the Council of Esus, your units will not be removed from enemy territory if you declare war on an enemy, and vice versa. You may build Gibbon Goetia if you follow the Council of Esus, a Channeling 3 mage, who can learn level 3 spells.

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