Death Knight
Death knight
Race: Undead
Unit Class: Mounted Unit
Requires: Armored Cavalry
Horse or Nightmare
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, or Mithril Weapons
Does Not Receive Defensive Bonuses
+35% Withdrawal Chance
Channeling I
Channeling II
Death I
Info: 8/6 Strength +2 Death +2 Unholy
3 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrages From: Horse Archer
Replaces: Knight


High strength, high movement rate, and a decent withdrawal rate combine to form a strong utility unit. There is no best use for a Knight, it's the fact that they can do many things so well that make them so valuable.


Death Knights are a grotesque mockery of their living counterparts. Knights are resplendent in shinning armor, carry brilliant banners, and their chivalrous hearts show no fear on the battlefields. Death Knights leave a trail of walking dead and virulent disease, and show no pity in rending innocents limb from limb. Some say Death Knights can only be created from the spirit of a Knight who has broken his vows of fealty, but many Knights secretly fear that the Infernals have a way of dragging even the noblest spirit into hell to serve as their vassals. This fear prompts piety on a level royal decree would fail to reach, and rare is a Knight who doesn't seek out a blessing from any passing priest.

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