Race: Human
Unit Class: Disciple Units
Requires: Fanaticism
The Order as State Religion
Temple of the Order
Copper or Iron Mithril
Starts With: Demon Slaying I
Immune to Disease
Medic I
Religion:The Order
Info: 6 Strength +1 Holy
1 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Upgrades From: Acolyte
Upgrades To: Paladin

Crusaders may spawn upon the spread of the Order into a city, if the city's civilization follows the Order and has already discovered the Fanaticism technology. This makes for a good investment, as by using a single Disciple or Priest unit, a player can convert that unit into a religion in the city (for happiness and possibly a free temple for the extra benefits), as well as a free 7 strength unit that could either be left there as a decent defender, or moved to the front lines as reinforcements.


Use the Crusader to counter your opponent's Demonic units. Not only do they get a strength bonus against demons, but they are immune to disease, making them perfect to send into an area to eliminate any diseases the Ashen Veil and their Diseased Corpses have spread.


The Crusaders are always at the front of the fight when the Order goes to war. When they are not dispatching their enemies to their false gods, the Crusaders are striding up and down the lines helping their wounded comrades or saying the final rites over those who have died at the hands of the ungodly. The Crusaders are a brotherhood of Hospitallers almost as old as the Order itself. Their ranks are swelled by faithful from all walks of life, because the armour, weapons and training are paid for from the deep coffers of the Order of Junil. Therefore the Crusaders consist of only the best warriors, priests and surgeons, regardless of whence they came. Some few Crusaders go on to become noble Paladins of the Order, others, tired of war or driven to fight an even greater Evil than that which mere humans can produce, lay down their swords to become Monks.

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