Race: Human
Unit Class: Recon Unit
Requires: Guilds (Tech)
Council of Esus present in city (does NOT need to be State Religion)
Starts With: Cannot Pillage
-25% City Attack and Defense
Can see Invisible Animals
Immune to First Strikes
1 First Strike
Can explore rival territory
Religion:Council of Esus

25% chance to create a Slave after combat
Info: 8/7 Strength +2 Poison
2 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrages From: Taskmaster
Special: Can View Rival City Details

Courtesans live charmed lives, floating socially above the peasantry like a cloud above the plains. Few Kingdoms have never had courtesans to attend to the nobility’s desire for a pretty face, witty tongue, and often baser talents. The Balseraphs however utilized courtesans offensively throughout the Age of Rebirth, as covert information gatherers initially. A smile would often get them past a lonely border guard, and a bit more could earn entrance to the capital. Later they would find ways to make themselves much more useful, acting as a camp follower, then killing important enemy figures and disappearing into the night.

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