Corruption of Spirit
Requires: Knowledge of the Ether
Way of the Wicked
Leads to: Infernal Pact
Allows: First to Discover Founds The Ashen Veil
Receives free Savant
Diseased Corpses
Rosier the Fallen
Temple of the Veil
Cost: 900 BeakerIcon
Type: Tech
"True power is always costly. However, I think I can safely say that the rewards far outweigh any of the possible costs. Who cares for sanity, when you can burn the people claiming you to be insane to cinders with a thought? Who cares for purity, when this taint is so much more vitalizing? Who cares about the soul, when the mind can break all boundaries without it?"
―Tebryn Arbandi.


Corruption of Spirit allows the researcher to found the Ashen Veil, if they are the first to do so. If you have the Ashen Veil as your State Religion, you may also research Infernal Pact (bringing Hyborem into Erebus) after Corruption of Spirit. It also allows you to build Rosier the Fallen, a mounted Hero, and Diseased Corpses if you follow the Ashen Veil. You may also build Savants, which can spread the Ashen Veil. Obtaining this technology gives you a Savant.

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