Clockwork Golem
Clockwork golem
Race: Golem
Unit Class: No Unit Class
Requires: Machinery
Machinists' Shop
Starts With: Golem
Does collateral damage at 40% strength for a max of 20% damage on up to 4 units
Info: 15/9 Strength
Cost: 360 Production
Replaces: Berserker

It takes the fine tools of a Machinist shop and a sturdy metal such as iron or mithril to produce the intricate detail required in this masterpiece of Luchuirp construction, but the performance is remarkable. Tiny springs and gears plus careful enchantment spells give it reflexes that can rival even a wild beast, enabling the Clockwork golem to damage any units near its target once it gets going. Repairs are not covered by warranty, however, so it is advisable to bring along a dwarven adept for repairs.

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