Cultural Values

Religious Civics Edit

Religion Civic Type Upkeep Effect
Ashen Veil Sacrifice the Weak Cultural Values None -20% Greatperson, +4 Unhealthy, +10% GoldIcon in all cities, population only cost 1 Food
Fellowship of Leaves Guardian of Nature Economy High +5 Health in all cities, +2 Happy from Grove, +1 Happy from Ancient Forest, Forest, Jungle
Orders from Heaven Social Order Cultural Values Low +1 Happy per military unit stationed in a city, +1 Happy from Basilica, Courthouse
Runes of Kilmorph Arete Labor Medium +20% Greatperson in cities with Runes of Kilmorph, +1 Production from Mines, can spend GoldIcon to finish production
  • Most of these are more powerful than other civics, with the possible exception of Arete.
  • If Happy and Unhealthy are unlimited, Sacrifice the Weak is clearly the most powerful civic as it allows a doubling of population. For most of the game, however, Guardian of Nature is better.

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