Leaders: Auric Ulvin
Perpentach (Insane)

+1 Happy in all cities
-25% XP needed for each unit level
+2 "Your charming" bonus diplomatically

Type: Traits

Something about the leader simply charms the people. The people are happy from the closeness they feel, or love they have, for their leader. This has the odd effect of wanting to impress the leader.


Charismatic is a good way to inprove diplomatic relations, as it starts the leader off with a +2 bonus to relations with all civs. It's happiness bonus can ward against unrest, and it's XP related bonus to leveling allows the leader's units to gain promotions quicker. The trait however works counter productively for the Calabim to some extent. It's happiness bonus interfering in the production by unhappiness bonus of the Governor's Manor. The two other benefits of the trait however still are of benefit.

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