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Data Type: Boolean
Allowed Values: 0 or 1
Default Value: 0
Function: Allows a Unit to be Sacrificed to trigger a Golden Age
Examples of Use: All Great People have this Flag

For a Golden Age to be triggered by Sacrificing a Great Person requires a certain number of Units with this flag. The first Golden Age requires only a single such Unit, and will sacrifice the Unit who you have selected when clicking on the action. But for later Golden Ages multiple units must be Sacrificed.

The Game will automatically check to see if there are sufficient flagged units, and only allow the action to be activated if that is the case. Typically people will have exactly enough units and they know precisely which ones will be lost, but if you own more units than need to be Sacrificed, the only one you directly control sacrificing is the selected unit when the action is activated.

The formula to determine which other units will be sacrificed is primarily controlled by distance from the activating Unit. Thus it is a good idea to have all the units you do want to sacrifice on the same tile, and the units you desire to preserve a fair distance away.

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