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Data Type: Boolean
Allowed Values: 0 or 1
Default Value: 0
Function: Allows a Unit to move on both Land and Water
Examples of Use: Drowns use this flag, but they also have it through Water Walking, so it isn't obvious in-game

This flag could be set for either DOMAIN_WATER or DOMAIN_LAND units with the same result for where they can move to, but different results for how the AI treats the unit and how it can deal with combat and showing Combat odds. In general it is better to leave the unit as DOMAIN_LAND since the majority of the action for the game is found on Land.

While this tag will allow a unit to travel across both Land and Water, it does not allow the unit to travel on every tile in the map. Ice and Mountains remain impassable, unless bCanMoveImpassable is also set to 1.

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