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Data Type: String
Allowed Values: Any String is allowed, though convention dictates that it ought to match an entry in CIV4GameText_FFH2 (Or any other GameText file)
Default Value: Field may be left blank if not used, though current convention is to use TXT_KEY_UNIT_PLACEHOLDER_PEDIA as the default entry
Function: Displays Information about the Unit in the Civilopedia for background
Examples of Use: Each of the Leaders and Civilizations have extensive backstory written out in their Civilopedia Entries

Though this could easily be considered as "fluff" since it has no effect on the programming side of a Mod, a decent backstory or explanation of a Unit can frequently determine how well recieved new material is by the community. People would rather play with a mechanically bland unit that has an amazing story than with an undescribed unit that seems out of place in the world of FfH.

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