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Data Type: String
Allowed Values: Advisor Types, as defined in CIV4AdvisorInfos
Default Value: NONE
Function: Assists in AI Decision Making for Best Unit to construct
Examples of Use: Settlers are ADVISOR_GROWTH, while Warriors are ADVISOR_MILITARY

In addition to helping the AI decide what units to focus on constructing based on the overall strategy it is currently following, the Advisor type will determine what label the game will attach to a Unit when it is giving reccomendations for what to build next in a city pop-up screen.

Overall, this field won't be of too much use to Modders that are planning to work only in the XML, but it should be noted that the AI will only consult the advisor type to see if the unit should be ignored. In other words, the AI will ALWAYS be willing to build a unit with NONE in this value, but if you place ADVISOR_GROWTH in the value, then the AI will refuse to build the unit if the current strategy dictates to avoid Growth (which typically won't happen unless the AI is overexpanded and needs to reduce upkeep costs drastically).

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