Race: Demon
Unit Class: Mounted Unit
Requires: Barbarians
Armageddon Counter at 50
Starts With: Does Not Receive Defensive Bonuses
Magic Immune
Info: 25 Strength +2 Unholy
3 Move
Cost: 0 Production
  • Can cast Rage
  • Weapon raises AC by 1 for each living unit killed by it and adds +3 Unholy
  • Automatically Razes any City he is in at the start of the turn

I am unborn of flesh, untouched by death, the enemy of peace and rest. That weakness in a sword yet unbroken, that would fail its wielder in battle and cost his life, or crack that will form in the capstone under to much pressure and cause the house to crumble.

In that age any thought of the gods was mirrored in creation. Trees were Sucellus’s green musing on the golden pillars of heaven, butterflies the scattered whims of gentle Amathaon. But these gods knew fear as well, and even their fear became manifest. I am their fear of war, of the battles, rage and pain that even they are victim to.

Bound and hidden, as is their fear, I am still a part of creation. And if unbound I will act out their fears upon the land, and Erebus will crumble under my sword.

Entering ErebusEdit

...and the second of the four shall be called Buboes, though the unfortunate survivors of the initial reign of Stephanos will come to know him as the Warbringer...

…dissent and strife shall reign amidst the lands while he rides along the crest of a wave of human blood, revelling in the torrent of death and destruction following in his wake…, women and children of all creeds and nations shall raise their flags for causes long forgotten, battling friend and foe alike 'till only scattered survivors on broken fields remains, soon to be struck down by the horseman's unforgiving blade...

- Apocalyptic Warnings


  • The name "Buboes" comes from the plural form of the word "Bubo", a swelling of the lymph nodes as caused by several diseases.

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