Race: Vampire
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Starts With:
Strength: 11/5 Strength
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrades From: Vampire
Replaces: Berserker

Vampires don't tend to shy away from brutality, but most prefer manipulation and petty cruelty to outright savagery. Not the Brujah, however. After leading enough battles, the veneer of civilization that the Calabim have adopted as a survival scheme since the Age of Ice crumbles away. They revel in the carnage of battle, even risking their immortal lives against odds in which Vampire lords would be content to send in fodder after fodder. Their results are hard to argue with, however.

Differences from Beserker Edit

  • Starts with some minor Magic knowlegde.
  • Has Vampirism.

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