Brigit the Shining
Race: Angel
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Level 15 Unit entering the Ring of Carcer
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Resurrected in the civilization's capital if killed
Info: 6 Strength +3 Holy +2 Fire Affinity
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production

She withered in the onslaught of flames, for the first time feeling the sensation of burning. It was as if she dove into the sun. Tears of gold ran down her sword, so hot it was melting before reaching its target. Her armor popped and warped and her wings were little more than charred stubs.

Behind her 440 angels fought against thousands. There was little hope but they fought because hope was not required, only passion for what they were. And hatred for what they would not become.

They were all hurling down. Bhall had succumbed, and in that thought destroyed the heaven that they all occupied. She paid little attention to the war raging around her, a battlefield streaking through the sky, angels flying, burning and killing each other. Bhall was the burning heart of the inferno, like a massive meteor surrounded by thousands of shattered pieces, and Brigit was diving towards her.

Brigit landed on her chest, her willpower split between protecting herself, guiding her movements and reaching out to Bhall. Brigit was barely taller than the goddess head but she raised her sword to drive it through to Bhall's heart.

"My queen, you must recant. The men and gods all stand on your strength. In your loss you will consume creation."

There was no response, Brigit raised her sword again, but she could not finish the motion. It was not the pain, or the fall, she was simply unable to do it.

"Can you not kill me child?"

Bhall's words rang through each of her angel's. Behind her Brigit could see the ground nearing, there was a great city below with tall spires and vast domed temples.

"You cannot fall, you won't let this happen!"

Bhall closed her eyes, as if considering the statement, then lashed out at her highest angel grabbing Brigit in her right hand and pointing her left toward the mass of warring angels. In that second each of the 440 angels that hadn't followed Bhall that had remained loyal to her holy dominion was incinerated in pale yellow flames. The thousands that had followed their queen cheered, Brigit could see that they were already being transformed by their fall into twisted horrid shapes. Of all of Bhalls angels only Brigit remained pure and beautiful.

"You will not join me?"

"No." Brigit remained absolute.

Just before striking the ground Bhall threw Brigit away from her. To a place where fire creatures would never go, deep into the lands of snow and ice. Bhalls commands chased after her, forming a prison for the archangel, a ring of lights that burn anyone who tries to pass through it. And to this day Brigit remains trapped within it.

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