Requires: Crafting
City adjacent to a River
Info: +2XP for Dwarven units
+1 Happy for Corn, Rice, and Wheat
Cost: 140 Production
Type: Building


Removed in FFH2 v0.40


“Since the earliest days of the Thaw, brewers, master craftsmen would take refine grains into the most delicious of beverages. The great breweries of the first Spring were built in the Dwarven holds along their mighty rivers, to produce these refreshments. During the bitter Winters, they’d carve blocks of ice to pack in their barrels during the Summer, so that by the Fall they would be laden with alcohol, and ready to drink. So invigorating was this drink that is filled the Dwarves with zeal and gusto, emboldening them in their first forays into the world! ...though there is more than one historian who believes that the Dwarves were so driven because they were addicted to their brews and would do much and strive ever on to have just another drink.”

— Lescroc Garsmort, historian and brewer


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