Bone Palace
Bone Palace
Requires: Philosophy
Info: +10 CultureIcon
+50% magic resistance for units in City
Begins Golden Age for team
+2 Great Bard Greatperson
Cost: 700 Production
Type: World Wonder
Special: Double production speed with Marble

Legend says that a dragon was found so deep in slumber that his scales, teeth and horns were removed without him waking. More and more daring hunters stripped pieces from the dragon until he died, still locked within his dreams. The flesh was stripped and eaten, the hide cured and turned into armor. When only the bones were left, a Doviello warlord made it into his palace.

Over the following centuries, marble towers, battlements, and fortifications were added to the palace until the original bones were completely hidden by the new construction, if they ever really existed. Those convinced of the legend say that the dragon’s spirit still sleeps and that he will one day awake, most likely to destroy those that are living within his bones.


If a player owns The Bone Palace, they will enjoy a +4 diplomatic bonus with Auric Ulvin (leader of Illians).

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