Beast of Agares
Race: Demon
Unit Class: Beast Unit
Requires: Malevolent Designs
Temple of the Veil
The Ashen Veil as State Religion
Starts With: +25% vs Paladins
Info: 11 Strength +5 Unholy
2 Move
Cost: 120 Production
Special: Completely healed after killing a Paladin
Adds 1 to the Armageddon Counter
City loses 4 population and revolts after construction

These fell beasts are great at turning back the holy warriors of other religions, but beware, your own citizens will revolt for a period of resistance after producing one of these in their city.

Beasts of Agares can only be summoned by Ashen Veil civilizations. It requires a sacrifice of 4 population from the city that builds them, but they are a powerful force, gaining an additional bonus against enemy Paladins and High Priests.

These beasts can grow extremely powerful, as their base strenght is 11. This makes them excellent solo hunters, which can pick up scouts, workers and other single units that might wanders out in the open.


If you have decided to play as the Infernals, you might want to start thinking about moving to the research tree this unit depends on. You must already have researched your way to the Infernal Pact so it should not be that difficult to get the remaining techs to get Malevolent Designs. It is a very high-tier tech that requires much tech points, this is usually worth it however.


  • The first time a Best of Agares is encountered is in The Radiant Guard scenario.
  • The flames that torch the spine of it might glitch at some positions and seemingly be behind the body.

Beast of Agares as it appears in the game.

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