Baron Duin Halfmorn
Baron duin halfmorn
Race: Werewolf
Unit Class: Beast Unit
Requires: Feral Bond
Starts With: Werewolf
Magic Resistance
Info: 11 Strength
3 Move
Cost: 500 Production
Special: 25% chance of creating a Ravenous Werewolf if successful in combat against a living unit

Duin was a fearsome warlord during the Age of Magic. He hosted lavish banquets after his victories, where he and his generals feasted on the bodies of the captured opponents. His generals' ambition grew to match his own and they turned on him in a bloody civil war. Duin won the war but lost his empire; in the end, he sat alone, feasting on his generals' bodies.

Like all mortals, even the horrific Duin passed away, but he would not be allowed to sleep forever. In time of dire need, desperate mages performed rites to bring back the greatest, most feared general of history. But it was not without price: the gods knew of Duin's character, and would not suffer him to be raised back to life without an appropriate form.

Werewolves had not been seen in the world since the Age of Ice. Hardly possessed with the same mental faculties as vampires, the werewolves truly were hunted to extinction by the human survivors. But in Duin Halfmorn, these dark creatures will witness a terrible rebirth, and the free peoples would do right to tremble in fear.


A great addition to your military might, Duin can create Ravenous Werewolves that will become Blooded if their taste for flesh is sated. Described by Kael as a "double-win" mechanic, players that already have a well made army will benefit from adding Duin to their army, while losing players are given a small chance to catch up.

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