Race: Golem
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Requires: Luchuirp
Starts With: Can Use Bronze, Iron, Mithril Weapons
Pieces of Barnaxus
Info: 5 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 180 Production
Special: If Barnaxus has the Combat I-V promotions, all Luchuirp golems have a higher strength

Barnaxus was beautiful, perfect. The pinnacle of years of work, of finding the right words to power him, of selecting just the right pieces, of lovingly sculpting every little detail of his joints and his features. Barnaxus was more nimble, more exact, more careful and more effective in everything he did than any of the other golems that were built in the empire of Khrad'Ke-zun. For many hundred years, this giant did as he was told, when he was told, and always did it better than anyone else, dwarven or golem. Barnaxus works were the pride of the Empire, and, when the ice sheets smothered the world, the name and reputation of Barnaxus passed into legend.

Perhaps it was this legendary status that meant that when, years after the Ice had pulled back and the Luchuirp embarked on their mission of rebuilding the Empire, a tall, weather-worn golem appeared at the gates of the capital, he was instantly recognized as the long-lost Barnaxus. For, surely, only a golem of such perfection and brilliance as Barnaxus could have survived so long without maintenance and protection? It quickly became clear that Barnaxus was unlike any other golem. Barnaxus did not "take orders." He cooperated, he discussed, and he made suggestions. Barnaxus was a thinking golem, a learning golem. No one could guess how he had managed to break the magical ties that bind a golem to the two-dimensional world of "order and execution", and nobody really expected that they would ever find out. When asked, Barnaxus merely said: "A man spoke to me in the wastes and I awoke," he would say no more.

True, Barnaxus could do what he wished, but what he wished was to help the Luchuirp. He wished to help them rebuild the Empire, to recall what was forgotten, and to perfect what was remembered. He appeared to harbor a love for the Luchuirp that mirrored that of a doting father, with a hint of a patronizing air to some of his advice. And the Luchuirp, amazingly, instead of rankling at being "taught" by a golem, loved him back. He was their link to the past and an amazing store of knowledge. Golems, after all, never forget. But most important of all, Barnaxus also taught the golems. What Barnaxus learned, the other golems soon copied.

And so it was that Barnaxus went from being the "King of the Golems" to being a true leader of golems and of dwarves.

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