Barbarian Assault
Description: Lubruscum has long been the home of the Clan of Embers. If they can be removed here their grip on Erebus will be weakened.
Player civilization: Ljosalfar, Elohim, Luchuirp, Hippus, Bannor or Amurites
Victory: Defeat all the Clan of Embers civilizations.
Defeat: You are defeated.
Special rules: The lowest ranked player will be removed every 50 turns until only 5 players remain. This does not apply to the Clan of Embers players.
  • None
  • None
Side quests:
  • None announced
Side quest reward:
  • None announced
Special reward:
Completing this scenario reduces the amount of Barbarians in all other scenarios.

The jungles of Labruscum cover what once was the heart of the Bannor empire. The fall of the Queen of Fire reduced that nation to ash and transformed her followers into a savage mix of orcs, goblins and other savage humanoids. Now Labruscum serves as the recruiting ground for the Clan of Embers, and if the Clan is to be stopped they must be defeated here.

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