Race: Demon
Unit Class: Melee Unit
Starts With:
Strength: 7/3 Strength +4 Unholy
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 240 Production
Upgrades From: Sect of Flies
Replaces: Berserker

Out of a darkened shadow door
Stepped a beast of unbridled horror
Cloven hooves, arms of an ape
Black hair, sharp horns and eyes of hate
It dragged chains like a giant tail
It held a hammer, hooks and nails
The thing reached out and at its touch
My heart collapsed, my soul was crushed
It held the chains so I could see
In a haunting voice it spoke to me
"for pain you cause there is a price"
"you pay it in the afterlife"
and then the creatures work began
nails in my face, hooks in my hands
pierced my skin and tore my flesh
Agony from which there is no rest

"Giggles, You've come back!"

Differences from Beserker Edit

  • Gains strength through the AC.
  • Doesn't do Collateral damage.

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