Race: Human
Unit Class: Archery Unit
  • 30% chance to perform a Defensive Strike at 15% damage
  • Ignores Building Defense
Strength: 10 Strength
Movement: 1 Move
Cost: 180 Production


The secret of Gunpowder is Dwarven. They use it for traps and blasting paths through the uncooperative rock. It took many years for humans to coax the secret from the Sons of the Earth, but once it was done, it did not take long to put the secret to use as a weapon. Though heavy, inaccurate and woefully slow to reload, the Arquebusiers have two enormous advantages: shock and power. Arquebusiers can brush aside city walls as if they were made of paper.


The Arquebus is the only unit that ignores building defenses, making it perfect for attacks on well defended cities.


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