Race: Human and Elven
Unit Class: Arcane Unit
Requires: Strength of Will
Level 6 Unit
Starts With: Channeling I
Channeling II
Channeling III
1 Free Promotion
Info: 5 Strength
1 Move
Cost: N/A Production
Upgrades From: Mage
Special: Can Build Mana Nodes


The game's most powerful spellcaster. An archmage can learn rank 3 sorcery spells. A civilization can only have 3 Archmages at once and a Mage has to be at least 6th level before it can be upgraded to an Archmage

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The saying springs to mind quickly when considering the vaguely disturbing figure that is the Archmage. Even among the fortunate few laypersons they deign to interact with, it is hard to avoid a creeping feeling of fear mingled with awe.

Archmages have reached the point where their magical prowess is so great the mere threat of their magic is enough to keep possible competitors and enemies in line. As such, many are satisfied to spend their time on more theoretical and scholarly pursuits. Be not fooled by these seemingly placid activities: Foolish people who move them to anger quickly regret it. Because of the enormous amount of work involved in getting to the apex of wizardry, Archmages are a select elite within each civilization. Most practitioners of magic are satisfied with being the less specialized mages.

Tips Edit

Like the description says, it's probably not a good idea to tick off a player with Archmages. These are the most powerful of mages in the game, and can learn Rank 3 spells, making them only more lethal than when they were wizards. Rank 3's can be the most annoying spells to deal with. You could summon a Fire Elemental as a lethal bomb, use Wonder to cause all sorts of things to happen, or even Lichify an Archmage to keep it's spells and free up another slot for a potential spellcaster.


Archmage ljosalfarLjosalfar

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