Race: Human,Elven,Orcish or Undead
Unit Class: Archery Unit
Requires: Archery
Archery Range
Starts With: +25% City Defense
+25% Hill Defense
1 First Strike
Info: 3/5 Strength
1 Move
Cost: 25 Production
Upgrades From: Warrior
Upgrades To: Longbowman
Horse Archer


With no resource requirement and a bonus to city defense, archers allow even the most frugal of empires to properly defend their cities. Archers have full access to the City Garrison promotions, making them even more powerful city defenders as they level.

Archers are the defensive choice for the Warrior's upgrade. In most cases, you'll either want an Archer for Defense or an Axeman for offense. Keep in mind that there are UU's along both paths, so consider your future choices.


A bow is a simple, yet effective, weapon, and, with a bit of training, an archer can become a serious hazard to those of an unfriendly disposition. Because of the need of specialized weaponry and some rudimentary training, most archer companies form part of semi-professional militias under the command of lords, guilds or cities. By their very nature, archers do their best work on the defensive, hiding under cover until the opportune time, then unleashing a hellish fury of whistling shafts on the heads of their assailants. Few things cripple an attack better than volley upon volley of random and uncaring death.

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