Altar of Luonnotar (Divine)
Altar of the luonnotar 5
Requires: Great Prophet
Altar of Luonnotar (Consecrated)
Good or Neutral Alignment
Info: +10 XP for Disciple Units made in city
+6 CultureIcon
+2 Happy in all cities
+1 Great Prophet Greatperson
Allows 2 Priests
+2 Production for every Priest and Great Priest in all cities
Units in city receive Blessed promotion
Allows: Altar of Luonnotar (Exalted)
Cost: N/A Production
Special: All Evil Civilizations will declare war on owner until building is lost
Type: National Wonder


The Luonnotar claim that this stone slab was where the one true god stood when he came into creation before the fall of Agares. Each religion has a different myth about the origin of the stone, but none dispute its power; all units created in the owning empire are Blessed


Completing all 7 phases of the Altar of Luonnotar will win the game if the victory option is enabled to do so.

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